Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dude, Where's My Drink & Draw?

Hey there, I'm Chad - the guy who's smaller, rag-tag Drink & Draw group 'melded' with Calgary Drink & Draw? Yeah, that's right, that Chad.
For those of you in the group I haven't met yet - I'm the Non-Bearded Chad.

Seems I've missed practically every D&D in February! Due to an 'old man' ailment: Lower back and Hip problems!
What is no doubt Sciatica (sounds like a Sci Fi TV show) so even hobbling to even one of this month's D&Ds has been out of the question.

But I have actually been drawing (reserving the drinking for my eventual return)...

From my iPhone (work in progress):

Using Sketchbook Pro Mobile & Logiix Stylus.

Now that I've been included in those able to post here, you may see a little bit more from Calgary Drink & Draw's evenings at Dickens Pub.

Looking forward to some Pass-Around drawing, chicken wings, conversation with some really good artists and let's not forget the drink part of Calgary Drink & Draw!

Until then,
Non-Bearded, on the mend at home,
Chad Montgomery

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  1. Awesome Glad to see ya posting Chad. Thats pretty awesome from a phone. I have an old "brushes" app on my phone but trying to draw while trying to look past my finger was literally stressing me out. I gave up sadly.
    See you Soon man.