Sunday, September 12, 2010

I believe the count is #62

At least that's the number I think we're at for our comics. We're going to have to step up our game here if we want to stay ahead of our rivals in Victoria.

Nick, Aly, Drew, Chris, Jeff & Chad
We had some discussion that news would be more trustworthy if it were read to us by a cold, unfeeling robot to cut down on the sensationalizing and to allow viewers to make their own opinions. So, we decided to make a surprisingly coherent and tame pass-around comic about that.

Kind of an average turn out this past week. Mostly regulars, although we did have a new person come by for a bit and draw with us. Maybe that's something we haven't advertised too well, and probably because most of the people who frequent Drink & Draw are already friends, but we only require three small things of people who wish to join us at The Bear & Kilt on Wednesdays:

  1. Your physical presence.
  2. Drinking.
  3. Drawing.

...and we're pretty lenient on numbers 2 & 3.