Thursday, September 23, 2010

Two weeks gone by.

Alright, so last week no one came to Drink & Draw. I was only there for a bit before I decided to give people and call and let them know that it wasn't on because the weather was super rainy. I don't have everyone's number, so I may have missed someone along the line, so sorry if you came down in the rain to find no one there... like I did.

This week was just a few of us, and I showed up after 8pm myself because of a new job I started on Wednesday. Still more talk about Cold Unfeeling Robot News, but that was added to with eight inch, Angry Hawaiian I had that evening.

Our comic actually has nothing to do with our conversation, and I think it's hilarious how the character changes with each panel (and I drew him twice!):

Drew, Jeff, Ian, Chris & Drew

Also, I want to remind peoples that if they want to post their drunken etchings, most of the admins are more then happy to do so. Scan it in and e-mail me, for instance, and I'll slap it up on the blog. Or even just slide your scribblings under the table to me at Drink & Draw, and get me to do all the work.

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