Monday, August 30, 2010

Getting Un-Stuck

Here are three new Pass-Around Comics, two of which were stuck in the queue because they were unfinished. well, they're completed masterpieces now, and ready for public consumption.

Or perhaps in the case of this first one, pubic consumption...

Fiona, Specil Guest - Caleb!!!, Nick, Drew, Chris

Drew, Fiona, Special Guest - Conor!!!, Nick (though I can't help but think I just inked this over someone ele's pencils, maybe I'm totally out to lunch) Chris, Neil

Nick, Chris, ??Chad??, Drew, Jason, Neil


  1. These are amazing! First time I've seen the ending to the sandcastle one. SO HILARIOUS!

  2. Haha, yeah, I'll step up and admit to penciling that dickhole panel that you inked, Nick. I was too chicken to ink it myself cuz I thought the word "dickhole" would be too offensive for you guys. How wrong I was.

    How incredibly, incredibly wrong.

    Thanks for posting these! Chris' outta-left-field vampire punchline made me chuckle and Drew's portrait of A High Man Searching For His Phone is great, ha. They're all great. You're allgreat (one word).

  3. I don't think I was involved in one of the ones I'm credited for here! (specifically, jizzpanel in the second page. shockingly NOT ME this time)

    Also, sorry for sitting out on DnD THIS NIGHT- I wanna try drawing something worth a shit tonight. Assuming I do. I might still come later. THIS POST MAY BE INCORRECT