Friday, May 7, 2010

A Tainted Tribute to Youth

I hadn't made it to the Wednesday Drink n Draw in about 4 months so it felt goddamn refreshing to take part in this latest "Pass-Around Comic." The subject is a hero I created when I was a bright eyed youngster with the whole world in front of me: The Mist.

The horrible ending is a clear sign of what happened to the mindset of that naive young boy and my fellow Drink n Drawists. Damn this cruel world...

(Fiona, Chris, Chad, Vince, Nick, Fiona, Nick)

And here's 2 more pics, complete with bites of wisdom and one of Fiona's high school creations, Brittnie Blackheart:

Sorry these are photos, guys, I'm scannerless at the moment...


  1. Hey guys,

    Nice work, looks like a lot of fun. I was wondering if anyone can join and if so, is there a schedule? or any way you could tell me when the next few D&D's will be.

    Thanks a bunch

  2. Hi Brad- Drink & Draw is every Wednesday at Dickens, 9th and 9th SW, from 7 or 8 onwards. All non-creeps are welcome! Hope to see you there. :)