Sunday, January 24, 2010

Big Turnout = Big Output

'Twas my honor to scan the many pass-around comics from this week's Drink n Draw. There were a few recurrent themes, most of them rather filthy, but I am quite pleased with the work produced on a packed night of fun.

Cory, Drew, Sierra, Dan (pencil), Caleb (ink), Nick, Fiona:

Caleb, Chris, Chad, Thea, Drew, Vince:

Sierra, Vince, Nick, Cory, Dan, Fiona, Caleb, Chad, Dan:

This last one was started by Drew and the rules were as follows: unless there's no other option, you can't draw in a panel adjacent to the last panel drawn.

I was lucky enough to have the last panel to fill in the gap of the story. "SQUEEZE THE JEEZ!"

Vince, Fiona, Thea, Drew, Nick Chad:

And now they'll all stop hassling me :)

Yours most earnestly and truly,


  1. Nick, I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to scan all four of these, only 5 days after drink and draw. I hope this didn't take too much time away from your schoolwork and all the other important things you're doing. You did a really good job.

    Also: Kelob. Hahahahahaha... the best.

  2. That was a good haul. Are the comics becoming incredibly better, or much worse?

  3. I dunno... it's been a while since one made me laugh like Goblin Thomas.