Thursday, September 10, 2009

Passaround comic, NORTH 40

Contributors: Fiona, Vince, Drew, Chris, Caleb

Cross-posted from my blog: I thought I'd indulge a North 40 fan from Catalonia, who wanted to see Amanda and Sheriff Morgan in swimsuits at the beach.

I thought, "I will never have another valid excuse to draw this," so here you go, Antoni!

- Fiona


  1. Sex and Humor. Great Post Fiona. That Sketch is really cool.

  2. My office is beside the beach and I think I've seen Amanda and Morgan this morning in the beach taking a sunbath. Here in La Pineda (Tarragona-Catalunya) ;-)

  3. Wow - that comic jam is the most sublime and legible one yet. Kudos on setting the bar for subsequent comic jams so high - so high, in fact, that I fear we/you may never attain such heights again. Indeed, from this point on, I would be willing to wager that the most any future comic jams could hope for would be to merely get their head above that high bar that you set. The rest of their bodies would remain below the bar. They'll just keep jumping and smashing their faces in to that bar, knocking their teeth out until lo, they are naught but toothless gummy folk. This is the destruction that you have wrought upon the future. But do not be depressed by this, you boozehound beatniks: it will be funny to watch.

  4. Or we could Draw that for the next Comic Jam.